Seed - Join the success!

This is the communication and sign-up regarding Exaum seed investment.

Please study the materials below and signal your soft-commit by submitting the form below!

Remember, this is an expression of interest and is not legally binding, an official contract will be sent to you later.

Terms and Rules

  • The minimum investment amount is 10,000 EUR.
  • The funding round aims to raise 1.5 million EUR at a post-money valuation of 7.5 million EUR. For instance, an investment of 10,000 EUR would represent a 0.13% stake, while 50,000 EUR would equate to a 0.67% stake.
  • If a substantial number of new investors, referred to as 'New Angels,' come on board, a new entity named Exaum Holdings III Oy will be established.
  • Consequently, this will enable indirect ownership of Exaum Ltd.'s common stock through subscriptions to Exaum Holdings III Ltd.'s common stock.
  • The total issued stock outstanding for Exaum Ltd post-money is 1,777,779 shares, valued at €4.22 per share, resulting in a total market capitalization of €7,500,000.

The Share Issue Contracts

Please confirm:

  • You have done a review of the draft contract in English [LINK TO DOC SEND CONTRACT]
  • You have done a review of the draft contract in Finnish [LINKTO DOC SEND CONTRACT]

Exit, Risks and Dilution

Please confirm that you agree and have understood the following:

  • Dividends are not expected in the immediate future; returns are anticipated through trade sales or a potential stock market listing.
  • The investment horizon is estimated at 2-5 years, with returns and dilution subject to change based on multiple factors.
  • All projections are hypothetical and subject to risks; actual results may vary significantly.