Exaum is a Balance Service Provider in the Nordic energy reserve market. We offer 100% clean, highly available and uniquely flexible power demand response to Transmission System Operators (TSOs). Our solution is highly scalable and relevant for all grid operators globally.

Our competitors offer balancing as their secondary business whereas balancing is Exaum's primary business - allowing us to reach unbeatable cost efficiency. Our secondary revenue stream is to provide communities and industries with low-cost heating with our AI-optimized electricity purchasing.

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Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are Balancing the Grid as Their Statutory Role set Firmly in the European and US Law

TSOs are the entities responsible for keeping the electric grid frequency in the nominal range in order to prevent blackout and other interruptions to the grid. The nominal range is 49,9 - 50,1 hertz in the EU area; the TSOs keep the balance through the reserve markets they are running and procuring balancing capacity from.

The Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are Fingrid (Finland), Stattnett (Norway), Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden), Energinet (Denmark), and Landsnet (Iceland) in the Nordics. These are Exaum's primary customers.

Proof-of-concept is ready

Exaum's cost-optimized, AI-powered, purpose-built solution makes balancing affordable, clean, available and flexible for the TSOs.

Exaum is an archetype of a technology startup; in a fast time frame, the company has raised funds, developed its proprietary balancing technology, and has proved its business model in real market environment.

We have completed our first industrial size 1-megawatt demonstration power plant, with which we have currently begun accessing the Nordic reserve markets.

  • Hardware: 1 MW industrial heat-generation plant
  • Software: Intelligent market analytics and forecasting tool

Exaum predicts the balancing markets to optimize the use of its hardware assets for maximum profit.

Exaum Balancing Power Cabinets in Kotka