Welcome to the Exaum Family!

Thank you for your Soft Commit. We warmly welcome you to Exaum's vibrant team of international business Angels.

Your support is not just an investment in Exaum; it's a vote of confidence in our vision, our team, and the innovative future we're building together. You're joining a network of esteemed partners who are just as passionate about driving positive change and breakthrough success.

The Process Forward

Here’s what happens after your soft commit:

  • We review your submission.
  • You’ll be invited to sign the contract electronically.
  • You’ll be instructed to make the subscription payment via SEPA wire transfer.
  • The investment round remains open until the target of €1.5M is met.
  • A shareholder's meeting is anticipated in March 2024 – more details will follow.

Transparency from Business Registers

Note that you can always access, at your will, the Finnish public business databases and get business information and official extracts:

Stay tuned for updates as we progress and know that your contribution is crucial in shaping the growth and impact of Exaum. We're thrilled to have you onboard and can't wait to achieve remarkable milestones together!

Team Exaum